FOUNDERS NOTE: "There is something effortlessly elegant about a corvid in flight. Cloaked in black robes...understated yet at the same time, demanding your attention. 

CORVUS ENGLAND is an extension of the core principles founded in the origins of the Corvus brand. We only make what we want to make and we only wear what we would most certainly want to wear."


Our first collection is inspired by my personal passion for monochromatic simplicities. Those garments that you can dress up or dress down, mix and match and make them tell a style story of your own. Several years ago, I stopped purchasing fast fashion and moved to purchasing less often. I switched high street for vintage fairs, second hand stores, luxury resellers with the odd "treat myself" newbie - but only if it was something I could create multiple looks from.

I wanted our clothes to last from wash to wash, I still have an amazing vintage find from 1997 and I wear it an awful lot. Our clothes should make the cut. You shouldn't get bored, because it is timeless in its design and aesthetic. You should be able to wear it no matter how you identify, the cut is flattering no matter the body parts. Collection one is simple, but it makes a statement. 

We follow no one and yet of us, there are many.