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Brand Corvus

CORVUS COLLECTIVE LTD. was established in 2020 with the home fragrance brand THE SCENT CORVUS. Since then, the business has seen rapid expansion into perfumery, apparel and an online coaching & education program, taking it beyond just the average candle brand. CORVUS COLLECTIVE LTD. is committed to providing handcrafted, small batch, vegan, cruelty free and sustainable practices throughout its companies, working with UK & European supply chain, with quality craftsmanship and artisan nature at its very heart. Run by a husband and wife team, based in the Derbyshire.


Our brand was born out of a passion for blurring the line between gothic subculture and mainstream luxury. Rather than launching a merchandise line, we decided that House Of Corvus needed something more intentional.

Founder Jess, lives and breathes a simplistic wardrobe, bursting with monochromatic tones. Over the past 5 years, she has shifted her focus to quality pieces, that can be worn & loved over and over again. For this reason, Corvus England needed 3 core things:

                   Simplicity.        Quality.        Sustainable.

 There is something effortlessly elegant about a corvid in flight. Cloaked in black robes...understated yet at the same time, demanding your attention. 

CORVUS ENGLAND is an extension of the core principles founded in the origins of the Corvus brand. We only make what we want to make and we only wear what we would most certainly want to wear.